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  • Father's Day - Sunday 6 September
  • Father's Day is coming up soon on Sunday the 6th of September 2015.  Why not celebrate by taking dad out for a fabulous buffet breakfast, lunch or early mixed grill buffet dinner at Cafe Irresistiblue.  Cafe Irresistiblue... Read more
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Delicious Monavale Products

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries
Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries is a delicious and very nutritious pure organic blueberry juice made from carefully selected organic blueberries. Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles.

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Organic Blueberries

Growing blueberries organically means no use of herbicide, pesticide, genetically modified inputs and chemical fertilizers. All products used are from natural sources.Healthy, Yummy Organic Blueberries – they’re simply IrresistiBLUE

Monavale Blueberries passion is growing the sweetest, tastiest blueberries, while nurturing the soil and environment to support future generations.

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