The Orchard

We have over 22 different varieties of blueberries on our property, both high bush and rabbiteye varieties.  Each variety ranges in colour, flavour, and shape.  Our season runs from late October through to mid-April.   We have over 40,000 bushes planted on our 20 hectare (50 acre) property. 

Seasons on the orchard:

Summer:  We start harvesting the blueberries from the end of October through to the end of March.  Blueberries can be seen on the bushes, and the orchard becomes a hive of activity.

Autumn: During autumn the leaves on the blueberry bushes turn a red/brown, which is a pretty sight.  The entire orchard is an amazing spectacle of colours.  A sea of greens, oranges, reds, yellows, purples can be seen from the cafe looking over the orchard, a site not to be missed!

Winter:  Winter is a dormant time for blueberry bushes, where they rest and recover from their summer exertion.  The cafe will be warm and cosy and you will be able to enjoy our blueberry products and the fantastic views. 

Spring: Our blueberry bushes start flowering in spring, which is a beautiful sight. Pink, white and red flowers start appearing, and the orchard comes alive again. This is a nice time to take an orchard tour.

Birds-eye view of Monavale Blueberries - 1 November 2009

Birds eye view of Monavale Blueberries