Retail Products

Our delicious organic blueberry products are available from the markets we attend.  Products include:

Frozen organic blueberries - 500g bag & 10kg box sizes (please phone to pre-order 10kg box size). 

Fresh in season (November - March) - 125g, 300g, 500g punnet sizes, and 500g Grade II (great for baking, smoothies etc) size

Blue Juice - organic blueberry juice (30%) and organic apple juice (70%).  A delicious refreshing drink. 275ml bottles.

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries - 100% pure organic blueberry juice.  200ml & 500ml bottles.

Organic Blueberry Jam - 45g & 200g jar sizes.

Organic Blueberry Spread - a lower sugar option to jam - 45g & 200g jar sizes.

Organic Blueberry Chutney - 45g & 190g jar sizes.

Organic Blueberry Sauce - delicious sweet sauce to drizzle over pancakes, ice-cream, cakes and dessert treats - 250ml size.

Organic Blueberry Salad Dressing - an amazing viniagrette delicious drizzled over green salads -250ml size

Organic Blueberry Sorbet - 100ml & 350ml tub size.

Organic Blueberry Soap

Organic Blueberry Lipbalm

Organic Blueberry Body & Hand Lotion

Organic Blueberry Scented Candle