Soap & LipBalm Gift

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Soap & LipBalm Gift

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Perfect Gift for Organic Skincare Lovers

Organic Blueberry Soap & Organic Blueberry Lipbalm contained in a small decorative pouch.

Organic Blueberry Soap (100g bar): With the use of Manuka honey to aid the healing of skin, and moisturising qualities of palm and coconut oil, this soap has retained its own natural glycerin. The added benefits of organic blueberry extract mean this soap is highly antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. This extract helps stop the degradation of the skins collagen caused by sun damage.

Organic Blueberry Lipbalm: Small, round tub, perfect size to place in a handbag. Lovely soothing lipbalm, which helps repair and moisturise dry lips.