PYO Opening Hours

Please report to Cafe Irresistiblue on 156 Turkington Road, Monavale, Cambridge (refer ‘Contact’ ‘ Detailed Directions’ for directions) if you would like to Pick Your Own as you will be shown where to pick from there. Please note, bookings are required at the cafe. if you would like to have brunch or lunch at the cafe. Please phone: 834 3501 to make your booking.

Please check back here, as further dates may be added later.

Fresh pre-packaged organic blueberries are available for purchase from our Orchard Shop based at Cafe Irresistiblue.

Please note that PYO is not available if it is raining, as it is not pleasant to get wet, and the berries can easily split when wet. Please phone first if you would like to check the weather or confirm availability on 07 834 3501 (cafe) or 0800 423 774 (office).

Unlike some other fruit, blueberries ripen in stages, with green, red & blue berries on each bush. Therefore it is important you only pick the ‘bluest’ berries from each bush. Currently we are picking from our early-season varieties. We grow over 20 different varieties on our orchard and each variety tastes and looks different. We offer PYO in the blocks that are the ripest at the time.

No dogs are allowed. The orchard also has a strict no smoking policy.

Our cafe and orchard shop are open 7 days, 9am-4.30pm.


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