PYO Terms & Conditions

Please report to Cafe Irresistiblue if you would like to PYO as you will be shown where to pick from there.

We would like all of our customers to have an enjoyable PYO experience, so please follow the rules below:

Unlike other fruit, blueberries ripen in stages, with green, red & blue berries on each bush. Therefore it is important you only pick the ‘bluest’ berries from each bunch.

Please stay in the row or area you have been assigned, as we want to make sure you are getting the ripest, tastiest fruit available. Wandering through the orchard into other areas is not permitted, and you will be asked to leave if you do so. There may be hazards, including machinery etc operating in these areas. The berries in other areas may not be ripe.

Please pick only the dark blue berries from the bushes. Do not pick the blue/red, red or green berries as these are unripe and need to stay on the bush longer to ripen. Please pick all of the dark blue berries on your bush fully before moving onto the next bush (including the berries lower to the ground). This makes it fair for all of our customers.

You will be shown how to pick blueberries by one of our staff members. Please pick carefully, holding your hand under the berries while you pick so that they roll into your hands and do not drop to the ground. If you do drop a berry, you can pick it up as we do not like to be wasteful.

Please respect our orchard and blueberries. Throwing of berries, riping off leaves and destruction of plants and property are not permitted. You may be asked to leave if seen demonstrating such behaviour. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources

NO DOGS are permitted on the orchard.

The orchard has a strict no smoking policy.

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