Pick Your Own Organic Blueberries is a fun activity for all ages.

Bring family and friends and enjoy a unique day out. PYO organic blueberries and afterwards enjoy a delicious meal, drink, ice-cream, coffee, cold drink, cocktail and more on the huge decks at Cafe Irresistiblue, our orchard cafe.

Blueberries taste best fresh, straight from the bush. Our certified organic blueberries have no chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides and no insecticides, so you can be sure they are delicious, nutritious and healthy berries! There is no need to wash our berries before eating them.

PYO offers a great learning experience as you can see how blueberries grow. We grow many different varieties on our orchard, with different varieties ripening at different times during the season. Each variety looks and tastes different.

Blueberries freeze very well, so you can pick as many as you like, keeping some aside for fresh and freezing the rest. Blueberries can be frozen for up to 2 years.

Blueberries are very versatile and can be used in many ways. Eat them fresh; enjoy them in smoothies; bake with them (muffins, pies, cakes); create savoury chutney; make jam; create blueberry pancakes; … the possiblities are endless.

PYO organic blueberries are a lot cheaper than buying pre-packaged organic blueberries from the supermarket or fruit & vegetable store. At only $15.00 per kilogram for PYO, this provides significant savings of around $17.00* or more a kilogram! (*saving based on buying 8 x 125g punnets of blueberries at $4.00 a punnet).

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