‘Blue’ Premium Blueberry Gin




Blue Premium Blueberry Gin

40%  Alc/Vol


The best certified organic blueberries have been hand picked and loaded into this premium spirit.

Our family orchard, with its peat soils, foggy mornings and hot summers, provides the perfect environment for flavour-dense blueberries.

This gin is a beautiful deep ruby red.  The floral complexity and sweetness of the blueberries infused with juniper create a divine fruity flavour.

Best served on a foundation of ice, either neat or with a dash of tonic water.


All farming brings inherent uncertainty, and after several years of pandemic related challenges, which we’ve all faced together, the freakish polar blast we experienced on the 7th of October 2022 is, we hope, the end of a bad run.

After 37 years of growing organic blueberries, we are still in shock at the devastation climate change volatility has wrought on our orchard, wiping out more than 95% of our beautiful blueberry blossoms in a single frosty night.  Despite all our planning and efforts of prevention, nature still holds most of the cards.

The good news, we’ve been inspired to create this new – genuinely limited release – blueberry gin, using precious, delicious blueberries we have left and pouring the deep essence of our families love and loss into its creation.

Please enjoy Blue 2022 and join us in hope for the future. Come and visit us in the Waikato at our orchard cafe, Cafe Irresistiblue.

With love and appreciation from the team at Monavale Blueberries

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