Box of 12 x 200ml Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries




Box of 12 x Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries – 200ml

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries – 100% pure organic blueberry juice, 200ml glass bottle.

Only 100ml required for your daily intake of antioxidants.  Easy 100ml measurements on the side of the bottle.

Full of goodness and tastes great!  More than 280 grams of our antioxidant rich organic blueberries have been squeezed into each bottle.

A carefully selected blueberry variety is hand pressed to create a juice which contains maximum nutritional benefits.

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries is lovely to drink on its own, but can also be diluted with hot or cold water, tonic, soda or lemonade to create a longer drink.

‘ORAC’ is a measurement that indicates antioxidant units. Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries has an ORAC value of 4,778 units per 100ml serve. The USDA recommends 3,000-5,000 ORAC units per day.

Monavale Pressed Organic Blueberries is organically certified by BioGro and is the only certified organic blueberry juice produced in New Zealand.


I am a regular customer of all Monavale Blueberry products in particular the bottles of pure Organic Blueberry Juice. All my family loves this product, firstly for the great taste and the obvious antioxidant health benefits without any added sugar. The drinks are also just the right sweetness. We all notice the health benefits as it gives us all a real energy boost throughout the day and you really notice the lack of energy when you don’t have it.  I can highly recommend all their products to anyone who is looking for incredibly well made foods and drinks sourced from organic blueberries. I have personally seen these are made to the highest standard and I feel there aren’t any better Blueberry products available anywhere in New Zealand. I have been in the Healthcare business for 27 years and I can see the high standard of care and research that go in to all their products. They are all very passionate about Blueberries and their high level of expertise gives me confidence with all their wonderful products.  If you haven’t tried all their Blueberry products you are definitely missing out. Once you have tried the drinks you won’t settle for anything else.

Jim Davis

We visited the de Groot family at Monavale Blueberries in Cambridge.  At the time I had already been seen by various specialists as I had a persistent bacterial infection and had been on long term antibacterial drugs and become very weak.  During my six week stay, I drank a bottle of Just Blue, 250ml daily.  Quite quickly I felt much better and my energy returned.  I also took blueberry capsules, which I still take today.  At this stage I am still fit and well.

Rob Weigmans

My husband and I have been enjoying “Just Blue Pure Organic Blueberry Juice” for some time now.  We both love the taste . . . a glass at breakfast or a quick pick me up later in the afternoon, but the best reason for choosing to drink this juice is the health benefits.  The very high rates of anti oxidants in blueberries and blueberry juice have been recognized for a long time as superb for our health.  What an easy and tasty way to replenish anti oxidants every day.  We have two members of our family expecting babies towards the end of July, so they too love the juice when their families come for dinner here.

Miriam Godfrey


Press Release

Did you watch One Network News on Sunday the 27th of May on TV1. It highlighted new research with regards to blueberries ability to aid in the speed of muscle recovery after exercise. The research was conducted in New Zealand with New Zealand blueberries. More information can also be found on the following websites:





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