PYO Costs

Pick Your Own (PYO) fresh certified ORGANIC blueberries are $15.00 per kilogram. Our organic blueberries have no chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides and no insecticides, so you can be sure they are delicious, nutritious and healthy berries! There is no need to wash our berries before eating them. Our blueberries have been organically certified by BioGro New Zealand (certification number 511).

We do not charge an Entrance Fee.

As we do not charge an entrance fee we ask that customers please refrain from eating the berries until after they have been paid for as it takes a lot of time & effort to produce our blueberries for our customers.
Please adhere to this, as otherwise we will need to charge an entrance fee to cover costs. Tasting a few berries to check whether you like them is totally fine :-)

After you have picked your blueberries, these will then be weighed at the designated weighing area so that payment can be made.

Cash and EFTPOS facilities are available. Sorry, we do not accept Credit Card payments.

Please refer to PYO Terms & Conditions to the left for other details related to PYO.

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